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Praise for The Roadants

Dean ‘Deano’ Carriere - RR entry 1961

I started reading it this morning and laughed so hard at times that tears ran down my cheeks. It brings back some great memories. 

Col. (ret.) Joep Diening – Royal Roads entry 1969

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, the richness of detail, the language used, the scenarios and characters described, the feelings was for me like reliving my first two years at Roads!  

Ramsay Holmes –Royal Roads entry 1960

I can't remember when I last read an 800 page book but I have to tell you that I read every word of yours and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tom Furmanczyk - Houston Texas     

Bamberger Raid was good enough to be a screen play.

The Roadants by Douglas ‘Copious’ Cope, 6611

            My novel, The Roadants, covers one academic year in the early 1960s at what was then Canadian Services College Royal Roads. It is not a series of vignettes, but a novel that describes the actions, adversities and activities of first and second year cadets from their arrival to graduation. Those who attended went from being lowly recruits and juniors in year one to being the cadet officers and seniors in charge in year two.

Incredible as some of the tales in the book may seem, all of the anecdotes are fundamentally true. The story attempts to convey the shock for the new boys at being thrust into a rigid system that gave them virtually no privacy and harassed them almost 24 hours a day. It also describes the struggles of the second year boys to adapt to their position of power. The result for all was a step towards manhood that none of the cadets would ever forget.  

My time at Royal Roads had a profound and, some might say, traumatic effect on my life, and I think this is true for the large majority of those who attended. Royal Roads is no longer a military college, and, as time goes by, the stories and the legends fade. By writing this book I am leaving a chronology of my sojourn at Roads and I hope it preserves this little bit of Canadian history. I also hope that it may help my old Roadant buddies and others to remember what we went through.

Be advised that this novel is the story of a group of average cadets and tells the tale of cadets ‘in the trenches’ so to speak. As such, both the events and the language are colourful.


            If you would like additional details or to order a copy of the book please contact

        Doug Cope at

A detailed, independent review of The Roadants by Barbara Maisonneuve is available in the summer of 2015 edition of the RMC Club magazine Veritas. Pages 56 to 58 at

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